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Christie has written stories since she was old enough to use a stapler. While she did not write with said stapler, it was vital in binding pages together to begin presenting her parents with a multitude of unsolicited manuscripts and fake magazines. These wordy compositions often contained poorly-drawn cartoons of her life, interspersed with lame attempts at humor.

As a teen, her focus shifted to poorly-drawn cartoons of fellow high school students, interspersed with lame attempts at humor.  Thankfully, these were only distributed (again, unsolicited) to a few close friends, who were polite enough to read them before folding them back into their nifty origami triangles and tucking them out of sight.

In college, Christie managed to earn herself a position as an editor on the student newspaper, where she wrote and did vital things like redesigning the section headers. She was often responsible for the assignment, layout and organization of the most crucial part of the paper, the comics. Meanwhile, she composed novel-length nonsense to mail to her friends attending other colleges. Her doodled drawings all but completely obscured the addresses on the envelopes, surely ticking off postal workers from coast-to-coast.

Professionally, Christie has written numerous articles for local publications over the past decade, including penning her own home & garden column for awhile.  As a teacher, she focused heavily on developing her elementary school students' creative writing skills, often illustrating lessons on the chalkboard with poorly-drawn cartoons.  So you can see how far she's, um, evolved.

Christie dreams of the day her writing could be bound in an actual book with a hard cover and real stitching instead of staples, or even a soft-covered book bound with industrial-strength glue.  Not that there's anything wrong with staples.  She apologizes in advance to the good people at Swingline for any loss of staple sales this could inevitably cost them.


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  1. Some nice clips, mang. Where'd you get such great opportunities?

    1. Thanks! I was fortunate that one of the first editors I'd ever worked with had a knack for seeking out great content, and then matching the right writer with the right assignment. (Don't try to say that last part 10 times fast).


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