Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow, Blog Is 1 Year Old Today...Although Not Technically

On February 29, 2012, I'm not exactly sure what made me think, "What better day to launch a blog about time-related issues than on Leap Day?" It probably had something to do with it being 2:00am...also known as The Time of Day When I Make Most of My 'Brilliant' Decisions.

As if you needed further proof that a lack of sleep induces delirium. 

It also makes today my first Blogiversary....although technically, today is March 1, and my blog won't technically celebrate its first official Blogiversary until the next time there's a February 29....which will be in 2016. I'm good at procrastinating like that. I also apparently suck at adhering to technicalities.

Actually, if we want to get super technical (and who wouldn't?), while I published my very first post that day....technically, nobody read it. Well, except for my husband and older kids...because they value the food services I provide in this household and are easy to manipulate with snacks.

Alas, back on February 29, 2012, I wasn't ready to share the blog with the world yet. I played around, wrote a few more posts, over-thought everything, obsessed over stupid details and panicked. It really wasn't until April that I attempted to spread the word. Does that make April technically the Blogiversary? Possibly. I never realized how much calculating was involved in counting all the way to one.

To be honest, I wasn't sure how to acknowledge or celebrate said Blogiversary anyway. What's the protocol? I didn't think crepe paper streamers and confetti were appropriate. I'd considered buying the blog a gift......but it's at that toddler age, so it'd probably only be interested in playing with the box. And I just knew it'd give me attitude if asked to wear one of those ridiculous party hats.

So I did what any other normal person would do in this situation: I drew a picture of myself drawing a picture of my blog on a chalkboard with a goofy cake doodle and balloon. Because nobody knows how to party like one Christie Storms (keep straight face, keep straight face...)

In all seriousness, I do want to thank anyone and everyone who has ever read or plans to continue to read this stuff. Hearing from you is my absolute favorite part of this gig. You have no idea how much your interactions make my day. I especially love when we get a banter going back and forth. You crack me up!

I hope you'll continue to reach out to me...and if you haven't already, please do say hi. There are so many ways we can hang out:

Leave a comment here on any blog post, and I'll be sure to respond. You can also click HERE and "Like" the  Actual Times May Vary facebook page to receive updates and join in the conversation. Talk with me on Twitter (@ChristieStorms), where I have to challenge myself regularly to keep my usual superfluous rambling under 140 characters. Or send me an email at ChristieStorms{at}gmail{dot}com. You can even have each shiny new blog post delivered directly to your Inbox by clicking the "Subscribe by Email" envelope icon toward the upper right corner of the screen.

Thanks again for reading. If it's one thing I've learned writing and managing this blog, it's that time is precious and fleeting. The fact you choose to spend any increment of your own time here will keep me smiling all the way to Leap Day 2016....when the Blog turns 1 for real.

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