Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane-Induced Hiatus

In case any of you were wondering what kind of pioneer/colonial times/frontier woman I would have made, the answer is: a very impatient and inept one. But hugs and thanks to Hurricane Sandy for helping me put those skills to the test this week as we continue to live without power, phone, cable, internet, etc...

Granted, I've also spent the time being grateful my home and family are okay as the devastation others suffer at the moment is far worse than my possibly missing a new broadcast of Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.

Alas, I've been unable to access my blog as my phone/cellular connection has been wonky and intermittent, and I also have zero access to any of the posts I'd been working on back in the Good 'Ole Days when we had electricity and a functioning desktop computer.

I'm currently attempting to post this via a local WiFi Hotspot on an iPad app that's supposed to be able to act as an HTML editor in hopes I can at least communicate the reason for my absence. I hope to be back soon.

And also be able to watch TV. How I miss TV.

Actual Time Spent without Power: almost a week and counting...

Real Feel: Four score...because that's how they measured time in colonial days, right?

Chance I Will Learn a Useful New Pioneer Skill Like How to Churn My Own Butter: 0

Chance I May Lose My Sanity If Power Doesn't Return Soon: 99.9%

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